Username requirement for ES

I think its only right that when your on the ES you need to have your Tag on while flying! Just departed Dublin 28L while another plane thought it was a good idea to taxi onto the runway while i was taking off. When i wanted to find out his username to send him a nice message, lord and be hold his tag was off. These people do this for a reason esp on the ES so that they cant be messaged by other players with advice etc. What do people think or have they had experience’s like mine?

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That wouldn’t be in the best interest of Infinite Flight I feel because it would create another unnecessary barrier of entry for new users to have to create a forum account. If you pay for a sub then you should have access if you meet the requirements.


Well i will agree to disagree. Thanks for your opinion though!!

I agree with trio. The forum shouldn’t be a mandatory gateway for a feature that they pay for. Also, having a forum account doesn’t make a pilot more or less qualified for the expert server. Some users with accounts can still act poor, and there are users without accounts that are always professional. There isn’t a correlation


But there is so many Trolls and a increase also on the ES when it comes to these members. You can turn off your tag name regardless if a member has a account here. I love love IF its my main non work hobby, but we have to weed out the trolls or make the requirements higher for ES, (even then you might get trolls)

We have tools to weed out trolls on the expert sever. If that’s happening, you need to message a moderator or ATC Supervisor immediately. If we are available we can spawn in and take care of the issue. Whether someone has an account or not, there are trolls on both sides


I like the idea but it can be useless in some cases. For example, if Infinite Flight decides to make a requirement to have a IFC account before acsessing ES, a lot of people will create it and just let it there without checking it regularly so even if you send them 100 messages, they will not read it.

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Yeah true, some things i did not think off!!. I love Infinite flight and this amazing community!

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Yea but at the same time they might me gone by the time someone gets there and you guys probably would not do something if someone says something but you do not see anything

I like the idea but My problem they might create one and just never check the account

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