Username Change


I was wondering if I could get my username changed from mrpidgeon to pidge. I am aware that this is not an end user option, but I have contacted a few mods and none of them have changed it.

Cheers, Pidge

I am also aware that all my previous tags will be broken :)

I’m pretty sure only mods can do this. Just try contacting them again. I’m guessing it may have got clogged up with all their PMs.

Yeah, just contact one of the mods - they’ll help you 😊 I’m sure they’ll get back. Maybe try @Neo

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Probably wait for some time before contacting them again.

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@Luke as i mentioned…

But I liked mrpidgeon…


This was about 4 weeks ago. If that isn’t a sufficient amount of time then I don’t know what is

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lol. i’m glad you like it but i’m sick of people thinking i’m ‘immature’ because i have pigeon (deliberately spelt incorrectly) in my username. i must have been rejected by about 5 VA’s because of it.


Your username has been changed.