User using my callsign & name

Hi there. Wasn’t sure where to post this or what to do. Recently I’ve had a user use my callsign “EZYVA1” & my name spelt as “Lyren” not iyren my actual correct name go onto expert server Taxi at 30kts & manage to get ghosted by ATC which I’m glad has happened. I was wondering if there was anyway IF can track and see who it was? As this person is paying £10 a month to mess around really & try and damage the image of my VA.

Hmmm…I think this should definitely be reported to the mods - as this behaviour (especially to try and damage a VA’s reputation) is unacceptable in Infinite Flight (especially on the Expert Server).

I would contact a moderator with that screenshot and they’ll help you.

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Yeah definitely. Thank you so much I will contact them now. This is the second time they have done this also 🙄

You are very welcome. Happy to help.

I have flagged this topic for closure so we don’t get any more unnecessary replies repeating what I have said above

I doubt anything can and will be done.

We have a ton of IFAE impersonators who are not members of our great group, they dont fly to our standards and smear the IFAE reputation in doing so.

Unfortunately when we have reported it we have been told that there is nothing that can be done.