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So recently, I was just updating my profile, while I was up at 4 am chatting with the some of the Aussies and Kiwis. Then, I realized I had read 50k posts!i took a screenshot to commemorate it, but then, when I came back this morning, I came back to get to a PM, then saw that it went down to 49.6k. Any thoughts?


What? The one with less says 1:42, the one with more says 1:43…

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Look at the red circle please.

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The one with less was taken at 1:42 P.M. The one with more was taken at 4:54 A.M. Please look thoroughly next time ;)

This one has got me puzzled. Try logging out then logging back in. If that doesn’t work then maybe a moderator has the answer.

Ohhhhh, Okay I read that incorrectly.

That’s weird. Never seen it before. May a mod can help.

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My favorite part is that you said kiwis

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A kiwi is a personnfrom NZ

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As an aussie I am very aware of that

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