User-specific pinned topics


This is more of a feature request to do with the IFC and Discourse. To begin with, I think it would be nice if the users could pin specific topics to appear in their accounts besides the globally pinned topics. This would work for topics specifically created by a user to prevent data from being consumed or for certain users designated by the OP in the case of VAs and VOs. The pinned topics would be capped to a specific number, around 5 perhaps, to avoid clutter as other topics of less urgency can always be bookmarked.


This will enable users with topics that require regular updating e.g feature tracking threads, ATC threads, VA threads etc to easily update their topics besides having to go deep into the search area to retrieve that topic.

One would argue that you can set the topic to ‘watching’ but not all topics are active throughout.

What do you think about this idea? Any other tweaks you could add to this idea would be appreciated :)

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You can bookmark topics though to make them more accessible. Just go into your profile and go into the bookmark section and boom all the topics you need to access there are there for ya. That’s what I do.

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I do use the bookmark feature a lot. I though that in addition to that, we may need a feature which enables one to quickly access their topics. Still, the bookmark feature is a very nice compromise over this feature.

You can already do this I’m pretty sure. People pin random funny titles in their BIO for the laughs

But the bookmark feature is also super accessible it’s basically just an extra click than what you proposed. It’s like repeating something that’s already on the forum to save a click. Not trying to bash your topic just my thoughts

It’s not about pinning in the bio. It’s about pinning in the community home page but with the difference being that the topic would be pinned on your interface only.

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As I said, this would be for the topics that require editing on a regular basis. Think of it as the notes app on your phone/tablet where one would pin the most important notes which would urgently be needed. Otherwise, if that’s the case, one can always look through their folders.

One disadvantage of the bookmark feature is that one can bookmark any post, as it should be, which results in clogging of the bookmark feature so it becomes hard to trace the topic despite it being bookmarked.

To make it easier to find an important topic, un click the bookmarked item and re book mark it and it’ll be the latest bookmarked topic on the top of the list to keep important items on the top.

I can imagine how motivated Jeff would be to add this…

Did you know that you can feature topics on your profile? Also just use the bookmark. In the next few updates of 2.5.0 beta 2 bookmarks will gain better features.

If you mean pin topics like above that would not currently be an option.


The IFC isn’t the right place to ask for this. We’re only using Discourse as a platform. We don’t decide what kind of features they’ll add or not.

You’d have to go and ask Discourse directly. 😊