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I was looking through and thought that the discourse numbering seems off. When I added up the numbers discourse says it shows that there are 35K+ members not almost 40K members. Can someone tell me why discourse is not up to date?

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If I am not mistaken, that number includes suspended and anon’d members.

Alright that may be so but I still hardly believe there is only 40 TL3s.

TL3s are hand-picked for certain requirements (that I will not mention).

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There are 100 TL3 users at the moment. You can view that here.

Yes I know that. I just find it hard to believe that there is only 40 TL3’s showing on discourse. Now this may be the actual number.

Thanks for the link.

Not really, that includes users who are TL4 too.

I count 75 after subtracting the current TL4’s from there.


Hmm, I count 75. Don’t forget Discourse Staff and a few former mods, they are TL4s 😊

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Yep, just went back and subtracted those as well. Got 75 too! Sharp math skills we got. 😉


Same result here - dang this forum is so smart.


Nice link!
There is a bunch of people in “regular” I have never heard of…

The ‘bunch’ of people you never heard of most likely are Discourse Staff. This will usually be in their titles, or you may not even available to view their profile page.


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