User Manual - Flight Plan Page

In the new User Manual, when you click a Flight Plan link, you get a blank screen with the message “an unexpected error has occurred”.

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Try the Link below, this one should work:

Thank you JulianB. The link you provide is at User Guide > Getting Started > Pilot User Interface > Flight Planning. Good info here. Thanks. The broken Flight Plan link I reported is at User Guide > On The Ground > Flight Planning. There appear to be two Flight Planning pages in the new User Guide. The broken link I reported is at the bottom of the On The Ground > Flight Planning page. I came across some other broken Flight Plan links, but don’t recall what pages they were on.

The new User Guide is a great help. I’m sure minor glitches like this will be fixed as people report them.

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Ah, sorry for the confusion! I found it now, nice find.

I think the correct link would be the following, but I don’t really know for sure:

Edit: That’s the same I Shared before, sorry for that one.

Thanks for the report, Robert! Our technical writer @RAH is taking a look at this

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Thank you for the report @Robert_Summers

@JulianB was correct and the link should take you to the Flight Planning page within the Getting Started Guide. This link has been fixed and will hopefully be on the site very shortly - Regan