User made liveries

I know this has already been been requested but I’ve got a new way that would fix many issues people brought up.

Original topic – Custom, user made liveries

First off,

The overall idea is that people would be able to make custom plane liveries. One of the issues that one person brought up is that it would be unprofessionall and that it would ruin realism. This can be overcome by having a team similar to IFVARB that would have to check every livery made by users and say if it’s good enough for the game.

Some other people said that if someone (me) had a livery and someone else (you) didn’t have that livery you would not see the livery that i have, you’d see a white plane. ( which is true )

There are 2 ways this could be fixed. First one would be to make it so after having it reviewed by the team it would be passed on to the developers to be added into the app directly.

Second way would be to make it so each player installs the livery on their device and everyone else sees a random livery that they have installed on their device ( of course a livery that is installed and matches the aircraft ect ) . This would also need developer input

This may seem like a duplicate at first but in my opinion it is adding solutions to serious problems.

Then add them to the original post! That’s what a forum is for, discussion!