User Lost. account in zero

Good morning everyone, I have a situation with a friend. The following has happened, I hope someone can help us:
-Hello, after missing a few days, my subscription has been renewed, at the beginning there was an error of “product not found”, however when accessing my user again with the subscription, it is completely new, my data is completely zero , I’m really level 4 and now I’m not happy to start again. Can you help me

Hello, @Inda_IFFM!

Sounds like your friend purchased a subscription on a new account, causing him to restart.

Contact @schyllberg and he’ll be able to transfer it to the correct account.

The stats for the account are not lost. If he doesn’t want to restart from zero, ask a mod if they can transfer the stats, or continue using that account.

Thanks, that sounds more logical to me.

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Already handled via email