User lagging on and out constantly

I’m currently watching everything happen at Brize Norton and I’ve noticed this guy with a Air New Zealand call sign in a c130 lagging in and out constantly. Is there anything anyone can do because it’s getting a bit annoying. Username is infinite strike

If it gets really bad when ATC can’t communicate, they could be reported for unable to communicate which will be reversed. If it isn’t bothering you directly, I’d just say to ignore it


The user may be expericing connectivity issues, which could be the cause of what you’re describing. If that’s the case, it isn’t their fault. Like Drummer said, just try to ignore it.


Fairs. He also is a grade 2 and I don’t know how he’s managing to lag in and out of expert server while being a grade 2 🤷‍♂️

This means that the person lost Grade 3 while in the flight (e.g. for violations). Shouldn’t have something to do with the lag issue you described.

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