User Interface Optimization

Hey there,
This is my first request, during my many flights in global i recently noticed that the Interface is not
large enough for me personally. If you want to display all the parameters that you have to keep an eye out for since the global update you simply run out of slots , so i would like to request a second status bar at the top (Can be seen in the picture below). I also noticed that the rudder is too small, at least on my Samsung Galaxy S7, when i want to use slight rudder during crosswind landings i end up with either max rudder or no rudder at all. So I increased the size in my concept picture below, there is more than enough space for an enlarged rudder. Thanks for considering my idea to optimize the Hud. Feel free to Vote if you also think that these small and easy to implement changes would improve the gameplay by a lot. Also the features should be optional since i understand that some might feel that the screen gets too crowded by a second status bar.

Just my opinion, this is the exact opposite of very simple

Looks too cluttered!!


To be honest, the more buttons, the more confusing.

It already has enough buttons in my opinion; I was already confused enough when I first stumbled upon Infinite Flight. I don’t think in this case it goes by the saying ‘the more the merrier’.


I like part of this idea, I think we need an upper status bar as there are so many necessary stars bar settings.

i see, but if its optional for advanced users only maybe?, i really do not like to cycle through the menus during approach for example

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I like this, except I have everything I need in my bottom status bar and I use my joystick for a rudder.

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Is there not a select few that you can fit in the bar at the bottom? Sometimes you’ll have to make sacrifices, but that’s how life works. I personally keep the same contents on my control bar every time I fly as I have a select few that provide me with the detail/info I need.

@Cameron did a lot of work on the GUI this past release. I think he did a great job, and that we don’t really need any more.

I use cockpit mode on approach because of the information it gives you. I don’t need 32,000 things on my menu, pick and choose from the 8 or 9 they give you now. Stick to the ones you need the most, if you can find information elsewhere and you don’t need it every minute in your flight, don’t put it there.

Rudder needs to be a tad longer IMO but it’s not that big of a deal, UI seems fine to me, at least for an iPhone7.

As long as this is optional, amazing idea. I know some people might not like the clutter, but I would definitely use this. Great idea!

I would like a larger rudder button as it can be quite hard to use. Also, the rudder can go past its limit on the slider by pulling more to the left, but that is not possible for the right because the screen ends.

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