User interface bar configuration - how do you use it?

You could potentially re-assign this to something else, because:

  • your hud already shows airspeed
  • we now have giant banners popping up if you speed under 10,000 feet

Just a thought 😉


I’m always curious as to why people would dedicate 3 or 4 spots to fuel but none to things like Airspeed or Groundspeed, Altitude AGL/MSL, or other things that would be so much more useful if in an outside view.


  1. Flight time - I use this to log my flights in VA’s

  2. Alt Agl - useful for terrain clearance & landing a plane without GPWS callouts.

  3. Load - shows me if I’m above MLW or MTOW

  4. Fuel remaining - the colors (red/orange/white) show me if I have enough fuel left.

  5. ETE dest

  6. Dist to dest - useful for my descent

  7. Ground speed - I find it easier to read my GS there.

Yeah you are right but i like to watch from outside usually, also i am aware that i can choose speed but it makes me feel better.

Here’s my current setup:

From left to right:

  1. Alt AGL: just so that I can leave a good space from the mountains. I almost crashed into one once while descending: my IF-A GPWS had already sounded “pull up… pull up…” lol
  2. Bearing to Next: pretty useful when I hand-fly the aircraft to the next WPT. Useless on NAV A/P though. (I’m thinking of replacing this with aircraft weight/fuel indicator)
  3. Dist to Dest: just so I know how far I am and when I should start descending
  4. Yoke: Sometimes I screen-record my flight. It’s useful to know how far I tilt my phone when replaying the video.
  5. ETE to Next: Okay this was changed by accident. It was originally ETE to Dest. I prefer ETE to Dest as it also tells me when-abouts I should start my descent (and to calculate my rate of descent)
  6. Zulu Time: just to make sure I attend events at the right timing hahaha! Well, it’s important too to check the current time without pulling down the notification bar on your device.
  7. Flight Time: always always always shows a good reminder to tell me how addicted I am to IF. Definitely a perfect widget to tell me I should get back to study ;)

I personally don’t need IAS nor GS in my bar since they’re already indicated in the HUD. Gotta admit Alt AGL is important though…

I somehow also have this sense of being OCD or symmetrical-greediness or whatever-they-call-it. It just looks good having the yoke right in the middle 😂

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Agreed in that instance, but you left this part of my quote out:

Many violation complaint threads we’ve seen come from pilots who, when actually at their device, were in some sort of non-HUD view.

It just makes much more sense to me that if you’re going to use outside views often, having 4 fuel-related items is not utilizing the spaces very optimally.

Of course, it’s different if you’re always in a HUD view, but people seem to like to switch around.


Ohh yeah didn’t pay attention to the “outside view”. Definitely agree there. I’m just that person who always fly in cockpit view hahaaha.

And true, this almost happened to me once. Luckily I was aware of it and hit the brake as soon as I noticed it…

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i find that there’s almost no point in Yoke and flight time.

mine will be:
AS, altitude MSL/AGL, ETE to dest, dist to dest, v/s, load/fuel, GS.

i remove the HUD display at cruise and set interface timeout therefore i need the interface configuration to have all the important stuff displayed ^_^ sometimes i replace v/s with wind when there’s 100+kts headwind or tailwind.

  1. I always gotta have my airspeed seen when I’m on exterior view on cruise.

  1. Same with altitude, I always gotta know it when I’m on exterior view on cruise.

  1. It’s always nice to know how long it will be to get to your destination, to start planning for descent.

  1. Same with Distance to Destination, it’s nice for when to start descending.

  1. It’s always nice to know how long you’ve been flying for.

  1. It’s nice to know my amount of fuel, in case I need to emergency land.

  1. I always have my winds on the status bar, as I find it easier to see, than on the HUD for some reason. 😂

I know my layout might be a bit difference, but I’m so used to it, I just can’t change it.


nO yOkE?!
HoW cAn YoU?!


Due to me be very overprotective of my plane, I calibrate often. (like, a lot) 😂


Me too. Especially with Replay now. If I want to see some sort of cinematic thing, it will be after the flight. But I’ve always stuck to the cockpit.

I may have one spot to cycle through fuel burn, load, remaining, etc. but one spot serves all those needs, definitely don’t need three spots at all times. Much rather know I’m clearing the terrain or bearing to next waypoint, etc.


  • N1 - I added that after the addition of the TBM, now I just like having the ability to see it there as well in case I’m looking around in the HUD view.
  • GS
  • Altitude AGL - There especially for those who like to vector me into mountains.
  • Yoke - In case my calibration is off
  • Dist to Dest - This is one of my interchangeable slots.
  • Fuel Remaining - The other interchangeable slot. I’ll change these throughout the flight.
  • Flight Time


  • Ground Speed: Helps me keep my taxiing in check, and is also good for staying with the flow of aircraft in busy airspaces

  • Flight Time: to see how long I’ve been in the air for :)

  • Load: helps let me know if I am above MTOW/MLW, and also is a good guide for how sensitive my joystick throughputs are

  • Yoke: to see if my joystick is responding, responding in the way I want it to and if it’s calibrated or not

  • Distance to Destination: to see how far away I am from the destination and when I should be able to contact approach and atis.

  • ETE to Destination: responsible for letting me know when I should start descent, and how long I have to do other things before I need to attend to the app.

  • Fuel Remaining: lets me know if i’m going to do a Gimli Glider or not.

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Because it’s pointless? It’s the first thing I remove upon reinstalling.

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