User interface bar configuration - how do you use it?

But why have it then? Is it because it’s in the middle?
Why not replace it with Zulu time?

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I keep it there to double check my calibration. If the yoke is super small I know I need no calibrate again, same with if it is too big

I just like having it. Honestly I don’t know why. 😂

Plus I have a Zulu time converter website 😉

That’s the same exact setup I use lol


What a coincidence! :)

  1. ETE to Dest: Helps to plan the flighttime
  2. Dist to Dest: So I know when to descend
  3. Bearing To Next WPT: So I know where to fly
  4. Yoke: Calibration Aid
  5. Altitude AGL: So I won’t crash
  6. G-Forces: Just interesting to watch
  7. Fuel Remaining: Helps to plan the flight

cough cough
More bottom bar “widgets” on bigger screens


Interesting you have Bearing in there. Do you this only for VFR flights, or do you have it on always?
On an IFR flight, your flight plan tells you where to fly…

I always have it there even during IFR flights. The reason for that is that I hate how the NAV behaves with a FPL sometimes. The plane is always flying directly on the line and when there is a bigger turn or I have to change the FPL the plane is overcorrecting its course to get back to the line.

So what I do is that when I change the FPL midflight or there is a bad turn coming up, is that I deactivate NAV, change the heading manually with the Bearing and then reactivate NAV after I set my FPL to fly direct to the next WPT. That way I don’t have those weird course corrections.

  1. Local Time (Sim) - interesting to see the current time in the area I’m flying through.

  2. Zulu Time (Sim) - using this and #1, I can see which time zone I’m flying in. This also helps with event times (I’m too lazy to look at my watch).

  3. Altitude AGL - make sure I clear terrain properly, also helps me with landing.

  4. Yoke - helps me make sure my roll-axis is calibrated properly.

  5. Load - Lets me know what speed to fly at during final approach.
    Load is especially useful for me since it’s easy to quickly swipe to Fuel Remaining or Flight Time from Load.

  6. Dist to Dest - planning my descent.

  7. ETE to Dest - to make sure I land in time for supper. :)

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  1. Ground Speed: So I no what my speed is when I am in the exterior view for taxing

  2. Altitude AGL: The only way to know my true altitude so I don’t go into the ground.

  3. Winds: So I know which runway to use, what effect the winds are having on my fuel flow, etc…

  4. Yoke: It looks nice😁 (It also helps me know if I need to calibrate)

  5. Fuel Remaining: So I know how much fuel I have…

  6. Flight Time: So I know how long I’ve been flying. Especially used for goals like 30 minutes straight of touch and goes.

  7. So I know when to start my decent.

  1. Airspeed (if im flying in wing view i can see my speed)
    2 AGL Altitude (To butter)
    3.ETE to Dest
    5.Dist to Dest
    6.Fuel Remaining
    7.Ground speed (so I can taxi in outside view)
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All the basic stuff (Load, Fuel, Distance to destination and time)

Altitude AGL for elevated airports.
I know I can see ground speed somewhere else but I prefer to taxi on outside view so yeah.

Flight time cuz I can


From left to right:

Ground speed: I like to see my groundspeed and it helps me while landing.

Airspeed: lifevest… keeps me away from violations.

Altitude Msl: Helps me to act realistic.

Yoke: shows situation of A/P and helps to take control of aircraft when needed.

Vertical speed: Supports me

Dist to dest/next: Realistic approaches

Wind: I am maneuvering when needed

I don’t use:

Agl altitude: I always check the altitude of final destination before flight and i don’t need Agl because of it.

Flight time: i calculate it myself

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You could potentially re-assign this to something else, because:

  • your hud already shows airspeed
  • we now have giant banners popping up if you speed under 10,000 feet

Just a thought 😉


I’m always curious as to why people would dedicate 3 or 4 spots to fuel but none to things like Airspeed or Groundspeed, Altitude AGL/MSL, or other things that would be so much more useful if in an outside view.


  1. Flight time - I use this to log my flights in VA’s

  2. Alt Agl - useful for terrain clearance & landing a plane without GPWS callouts.

  3. Load - shows me if I’m above MLW or MTOW

  4. Fuel remaining - the colors (red/orange/white) show me if I have enough fuel left.

  5. ETE dest

  6. Dist to dest - useful for my descent

  7. Ground speed - I find it easier to read my GS there.

Yeah you are right but i like to watch from outside usually, also i am aware that i can choose speed but it makes me feel better.

Here’s my current setup:

From left to right:

  1. Alt AGL: just so that I can leave a good space from the mountains. I almost crashed into one once while descending: my IF-A GPWS had already sounded “pull up… pull up…” lol
  2. Bearing to Next: pretty useful when I hand-fly the aircraft to the next WPT. Useless on NAV A/P though. (I’m thinking of replacing this with aircraft weight/fuel indicator)
  3. Dist to Dest: just so I know how far I am and when I should start descending
  4. Yoke: Sometimes I screen-record my flight. It’s useful to know how far I tilt my phone when replaying the video.
  5. ETE to Next: Okay this was changed by accident. It was originally ETE to Dest. I prefer ETE to Dest as it also tells me when-abouts I should start my descent (and to calculate my rate of descent)
  6. Zulu Time: just to make sure I attend events at the right timing hahaha! Well, it’s important too to check the current time without pulling down the notification bar on your device.
  7. Flight Time: always always always shows a good reminder to tell me how addicted I am to IF. Definitely a perfect widget to tell me I should get back to study ;)

I personally don’t need IAS nor GS in my bar since they’re already indicated in the HUD. Gotta admit Alt AGL is important though…