User interface bar configuration 20.2 - how do you use it?

In inspiration of @azeeuwnl . I would like to know how 3 interfaces bar is in version 20.2.
If possible to share because of the choices =)

Looking forward! 😊

Thank you very much, but you got it wrong. I want to know how is your 3 interfaces =D

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oh I only use 1 I don’t use all three of them

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An example

Yea I don’t use all three of the interface bars I only use one.

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I use all three:

  1. On Ground
  2. Takeoff/Cruise
  3. Descent/Approach

1 ground and climb
2 cruise and descent
3 app and landing

My Configuration

Ground and Take off πŸ‘†



This is the idea =D

My configuration:
Flight data (speed, altitude etc.)
Nav data (dist and ETE to next or dest.,)
Weight and balance (fuel qty, load, fuel burn etc.)

I put airspeed and altitude MSL at the very left and right of every configuration to keep monitoring them in flight (mostly when cruising)

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I mainly use two interface
One for basic information (fuel remaining, GS,AS, etc.)
Other for information required for VA’s to file pirep(fuel used, flight time, etc.)