User Guide in Spanish

Hey Everyone,

Does anyone know if the IF User Guide is automatically adjusted for the region it’s being read or is there a different way to change the language to Spanish? I’m just asking as I’m trying to help someone who only speaks Spanish.

Thanks in Advance

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Oof, I hope you can help them

I don’t know if it is or not (someone else can say if they do know)

If it’s not, an idea is you can copy and paste sections into a translator and then copy and paste that in Spanish to him

That’s the problem I’m having the translations aren’t coming out accurately so it’s adding alot of confusion 😔. Thank you though!

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Oof 😔

I hope you can find some help

I’d try to help but I know just enough Spanish to ask where the bathroom is 😂


As far I know the guide its only in English. What part of the guide are you specifically trying to translate?

The whole bit 🤣 I’m one of a few training staff at a VA and I’m looking to try and help a pilot out a little bit more with unicom and taxiway rules and so they have a place to get all that information whenever they need it to be

I don’t think there is, the best bet is just Copy and pasting it and translating it

We have tried that but some of the information is becoming a little lost and I don’t think its coming across clear

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