User Disconnected

Device: Samsung Galaxy A51
Operating system: Android

I am disconnected from the server without any reason. I am still in flight. Could anyone please help me out with this?
Thank you


The live servers are having issues. Its being looked into.

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Same thing, it looks like a global Live Server outage

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So its not just me? Okay

Servers cant hold the event at Denver

right there with you, kbos - kdfw live server disconnected!

Same here :') I was literally on approach to JFK after a long flight from Shanghai and now I’m disconnected and my landing won’t even count in my stats

I see. That means I am not alone who faced this issue. There are some of you facing similar problems. Support team should look into this issue.

I was about to takeoff, damn

Everyone should be reconnecting now. It’s being looked into :)

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On infiniteinfo it says theres 11 people playing, thats mad funny

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on my iPad and live server disconnected for me as well

Right now I’m heading to Dallas in a few minutes I’ll arrive, do I keep flying or not?

Should be back up now :)

Keep flying, you should reconnect.


how long should this take, i’m still disconnected

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Should only be a couple minutes. You can try switching o airplane mode real quick and then turn your WiFi back on.

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The same thing happened to me too, I’m close to landing and suddenly I disconnect, I came to the forum to see if I’m the only one or if there were more with the same problem.

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Sorry for the server disruption, folks!

Our Expert Server experienced brief downtime around 8pm UTC this evening. We immediately rectified the issue, and most aircraft should reconnect automatically.

If you have not reconnected automatically, we recommend restarting your flight. You can use the new Flight Resume feature to recover your flight and reconnect exactly where you were.


How to flight resume from ground after 5h of flying? TT

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