User Disconnected

Excus- 64 HOURS?

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@pog_3r been having this problem since 2021

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My Infinite Flight never crashed. Luck or skill

Mine always crashes 😈😈😈😈 but I play 24/7 so it is expected.

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report this problem, please. It can’t continue having this problem when you are getting a low percentage of messages and not being available to reconnect to live servers.

Was on a flight and got a 10% percentage left a message and had to quit because of the user disconnected problem.

Such a waste doing a long haul and having to quit mid-flight because of this. Losing all the xp


Yep just happened to me aswell

It’s definitely not our devices it’s infinite flight. Honestly there’s new bugs like every week, people are just going to stop playing infinite flight if infinite flight don’t fix these problems.

You got a low battery percentage message or is it another reason you got disconnected?

Part of this is intended behaviour, i.e. if the app is not active for a minute, we disconnect you from the server so you are not disrupting other players; likewise, if you’ve been gone for a while, we don’t allow you to re-connect mid-session so you are not interrupting the flow of traffic.

iOS system messages are notoriously bad as they block Infinite Flight from running until the notification is dismissed (it is the same as putting the app into the background),.

That said, we have some longer-term improvements coming to this system soon, and in the meantime I am trying to see if I can find some corner cases which are leading to this increase in reports


It was on 17% so I didn’t get a low battery message

I have been connected back into the server just now
Edit : never mind it’s just disconnected me again as soon as I touched the screen

Thank you for clarifying this problem.

Regarding this: If I’m doing a long haul between 7-12 hours or even shorter flights, I will not be available to be active all the time since I’ll be doing something else than watching my plane on autopilot for that long. This also is the reason I get disconnected from the servers because of the low battery percentage message since I don’t have the charger in all the time

I would also say that I have never experienced this after 23.1, but I have no proof of it.

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Just to say it: I used to enjoy doing long hauls, but when you will get disconnected from a low battery notification (which is what I have experienced) is it not that enjoyable to lose the progress in mid-flight and then have two choices, either quit the flight or fly to the destination offline.

I fully understand the choice of not disrupting other players and interrupting the flow of the traffic and therefore we will get disconnected, but it would be nice having the opportunity to be reconnected

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I understand, and as I mentioned, it’s being worked on :) thanks for your feedback!


No problem :) It is not my intention to sound dissatisfied in any way because I’m not. But when I discover a problem I get really “passion” about it.

That being said, I really do appreciate your help


Oh he knows how we Scandinavians are… trust me (:


Viking blood in our veins

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Thanks for explaining. However, in my case, there was no notification or anything. I did not even switch out to other apps, but I got disconnected from the server.


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