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Operating system:

Hey there!!!

I’m happy to say i successfully completed my first long haul flight, just to get 60 xp and a flight time of five minutes 😂

I had closed the app for 30 seconds , 5 mins after take off to check my climb profile in chrome, and after that all the way till i landed at heathrow airport (destination)…it showed user disconnected.

Is there anything that can be done about it??
I’ve left a few images below aswell .
It was a 10 hour 42 minute flight from Bangalore to London Heathrow.

Device- Realme 6 pro
OS: Android 11

Hi there I understand you’re a a while ago, so I had to same issue or similar developer said they’re working on it and there’s not a work around it but maybe you should ask them

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Also, just wait a little bit. Usually I’ll fix itself.

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I got 5 minutes of flight time man 😂
I waited 10 hours 30 mins for it to reconnect.

Heathrow had active frequencies at my time of decent so luckily I didn’t get reported 😂😂

you got that right I got reported by London Heathrow I am back to grade 2 kind of disappointing

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