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Hi guys,
I’m mid flight and I got an apple notification which was on my screen for 5 mins before I cleared it.
Now the live sever has stayed red and says ‘user discontented’ is there any way to get back online without leaving the app?
Many thanks

Hi, unfortunately no. I’ve experienced this myself. That’s why I managed my push notifications via iOS.

The application timed out. :) I would strongly recommend not leaving other notifications or applications open on your device while running Infinite Flight since it is an app that cannot be run in the background. This is especially prudent when being on the ES.

My recommendation would just be to either turn on DND (Do not Disturb), and(or) be more aware of your device and check in on it more often. One more thing would be to make sure all your settings are in check (i.e. software updates, battery, Apple ID, etc.)

Thank you, I will do that when I land after the next 6 hours by myself down to Perth!

Thank you, I had just reset my password so the notification came through anyway. I’ll manage my notifications so it doesn’t happen again.

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