User disconnected

Device: iPhone 12
Operating system: iOS 15

Hi folks and thanks IF Team for 23.1!

I have a concern about “UserDisconnected”. I understand that after a long time of disconnecting you could cheat and reconnect when you are in a critical zone to have priority on landing (example). But I don’t understand why when we got an alert like Storage or Battery ones, or we just go out of the app for a few seconds or a minute, we cant reconnect to the live server to continue the flight.

Last to date case is when I was on cruise and let my device away, I didn’t see that the low battery alert came and blocked the flight and connectivity. So I dismissed the alert and then I couldn’t go back connected at Live Server, just because of “UserDisconnected”. I had this issue twice in less than 24 hours and it’s just frustrating…

Can you beloved devs can make something to avoid losing a flight progress because of this “new” server or app behavior?

Thanks for your consideration and again for the incredible update, I can’t wait to see the upcoming new features !


Hey, this is because iOS essentially blocks the app for a period of time, which we perceive as you being “inactive”.

We don’t have a workaround right now, but this is something that’s in mind for upcoming improvements. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks Cameron for the answer (and I can’t wait to see you in Zurich by the way !)

Even if we are inactive for a long time, why can’t we reconnect to the server manually ? Gonna be some flight time wasting

See ya!

I see this like a “anti-cheater” function ^^

Not right now I’m afraid. It’s not just because of anti-cheat methods, but also so it doesn’t disrupt ATC flow in busy airspaces when aircraft just appear out of nowhere

Looking forward to seeing you too! :)

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I understand the reason for this disconnection but I literally got a phone call for like a minute and it disconnected me from a 4 hour flight. Can the timeout be increased? I feel like its too short


I’ve had the same issue before 23.1 and normally disconnecting and reconnecting to WiFi solves it, but rn I’m in the middle of a 6 hour flight and I’ve been disconnected and nothings fixing it.


Yes it really needs to be solved imo


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