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I was starting a flight like most nights and once past 10000ft I was using IF Assistant to set my altitudes for my NAV waypoints. After imputing all my altitudes and heading back onto Infinite Flight I get the message about being away for too long. Apologies I didn’t see the exact message. Now under ‘Systems Status’ and ‘Live Server’ it’s showing ‘UserDisconnected’. I don’t know whether this is a new update under the hotfix, but I use this third party app all the time. Is it no longer supported as it looks like my flight will no longer be counted towards my live stats?

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What happened was that you were away too long so it disconnected you from the server. Sometimes it reconnects back but sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a real bummer when this happens to me.

Thanks for replying. Honestly I was away the same amount of time as I usually am. This is why I’ve put this message up as it was a shock and I’ve never seen this message before. Is there anything that can be done?

From my experience no. Just hope that it reconnects you back automatically to the server.

It’s a gamble really - sometimes you’ll be fine, and sometimes you will be disconnected. The limit can fluctuate a bit if I’m not mistaken, and your flight is a victim of one from what it seems. All that you can do now is either to finish your flight in a solo-like fashion or quit your current flight and start over

Thanks. I’ve just left it to fly in solo mode. It’s never reconnected. Thanks though!

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