User disconnected from live server

Device: iPad Air 5th generation
Operating system: iPadOS 16.5

I’ve just had to end an 18h flight with 45 minutes to go as I was unable to reconnect to the live server. I did receive a notification which paused Infinite Flight, however surely there should be a safeguard that ensures you can continue the flight afterwards. I had a look and this seems to be a common issue so I want to add another report for the developers, but in the mean time, is there anything that can be done to mitigate this? It’s just a bit of a let down especially after 18 hours…


When you disconnect close your Mobile Data / Wi-Fi like 5-15 second. After that reopen them and try to connect. It’s known issue and it’s the solution.

I did try that but it didn’t work. Other support posts on the forum suggest that you are purposely disconnected as to not interrupt traffic flow - I understand the reasoning for this, but in my case I was at 40,000ft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no aircraft on my map. Bit frustrating

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Try it multiple time also you had this issue today?

This is the reason, unfortunately. iOS notifications are terrible as in they completely put the app in the background. If you don’t dismiss almost instantly - and the app stays in the backrgound for just a little too long - there is a good chance you will be disconnected.

Check out Cameron’s reply from another topic regarding the same issue:


This happened to me I didn’t see the low battery notification on my screen and when I came back and got it off the screen it wouldn’t reconnect me. Was very very frustrating but I was 2 hours into a 18 hour flight so I just restarted it tbh

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