User customization of the user interface

Here is something I have been thinking about for the last few weeks. The user interface/display in hud view while intuitive to use doesn’t provide all the information I like to have during flight. My idea is to have a custom HUD/interface where we can select the overall appearance with MFD and controls for lights, autopilot with more options like pure localizer, back course approach and autotrottle\airspeed control with both Mach and knot selectable. Movie the map to the top left and to have direction of flight always pointing to the direction of flight to help improve situational awareness in flight ,also to have the map tied into the range setting in the nav systems… the ui on the top can be similar to the information at the bottom with a selection button for different phases of the flight from start\taxi\takeoff, cruise, approach \landing\ shutdown. Where the map and compass HSI is have the option to have the aircraft flight deck displays. On the top right corner the engine\system display.
These are just a few ideas that I have that would make it a more enjoyable experience IMO.