User-created aircraft addons

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Has there ever been a discussion about user-created aircraft that could be downloaded off the internet and installed into Infinite Flight via iTunes? With so many aircraft in the world, and so many of which people want, it seems like such a wonderful idea to have a user/developer community taking some of that load off the Infinite Flight team. I guess the only issue here might be the lack of virtual cockpits, quality of aircraft, etc. in short, what I am suggesting is something like what we have for desktop simulators: that is, an endless supply of aircraft and liveries that are created by the user community.

What are the forum’s and devs’ thoughts on this?


Wasn’t this discussed before? It would be abused somewhat and there would be an issue with compatibility(?)

Here’s Philippe’s response to a similar topic -


I remember Philippe mentioned that one of the things he liked about IF was the fact that everything was included, you didn’t need to get any add ons. I’m not sure these would be implemented.

This sounds like a great idea is it free?

How can something that doesn’t exist cost anything, or be free?


As far as I know, @jarno80 is the only one who makes liveries. A colleague might be great for him. Share the work amongst other proven artists.

If folks on other simulator communities can produce mainly RW aircraft and liveries, with a few fun things here and there (flying schoolbus, fake rocket planes, etc.), yet there has yet to be some sort of abuse to that end, why would the user developers abuse it on IF? I can’t imagine how it would be abused.

That’s true. But I wonder if it would be that much trouble to implement addons? Maybe so…

Depends on if you make some addon and charge for it or not, 😂

Ah schyllberg, always being that mod 😂
Still my favorite though, sorry Henrik

Tying back to my last reply, also, I’m not exactly sure what IF’s simulator platform is, exactly. If it’s anything like X-plane’s, abuse might not be possible since the plane a user creates only flies as well as the user physically designed it to. In MSFS, you plug in values for thrust, flight characteristics, etc, and no matter what the plane looks like, it will fly like you told it to.

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I would definitely upload the DeLorean here. Roads…We don’t need roads.

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Custom made liveries, I am okay with. It would give IF that piece that it is missing for VAs but custom made aircrafts should not even be considered. Devs take enough time out of their own lives and put in a lot of work for the aircrafts we currently have. Leave the big stuff to the professionals…professionals of IF

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For the custom liveries thingy the devs could check each livery to see if they’re appropriate. Not many people would go through the hassle to make a livery so the devs wouldn’t need to check liveries very often. I’m not sure about how FDS could handle all the liveries if the plane was reworked.

To elaborate further, what if the allowed liveries were in like a download area of the app in like a store or something I don’t know that way people can have the ones they want

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Yeah, that seems like a good idea.

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It might be a bit crazy though, I’ve seen many Ryanair a320s on P3D flying around.

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He has a minion helping him doing things like Frontier liveries, I wonder who 😊


yes and I think that is one of the aims of the Devs is to keep it realistic (ie no Flying school bus or fake rocket planes) and to keep the standard of aircarft as high as possible. If there was a lot of user made aircraft how can FDS garentee the high quality? Anything which is not good will bring down the reputation of FDS and IF.

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