User Created 3D Scenery Extensions

As we all know, we just got the news that Infinite Flight will see 3D buildings in the near future. Now, the team will only be able to do a small selection to start out with. So why not be able to help?

I am proposing a system where Infinite Flight users can develop custom 3D sceneries (in blender or other program) similar to what we see in X-Plane and MSFS.

They could be available for download on a site created by Infinite Flight.

But how would we import the scenery? My idea is that (similar to how we can import replays) we can import the unzipped files to a “Third Party” section of the app. Then they will show up in game.

Any thoughts?

I think this kind of relates to Third Party aircraft in the sorts. But I get what your saying.

Infinite flight I believe will input 3D Structures the way they do the terrain. It generates as you enter the region.


So like an autogen? An AI that places it?

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I think so, not sure what they plan on doing.

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That’s a great idea but I’m not sure whether Apple allows users to import anything created not by the developers into the core of the app cos that can cause a security breach…

So I guess it would be like airport editing?

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I am sure that if they are this far down the line the IF team has already a road they want to take whether that is having a provider so everything is already done or having members assist. We’ll simply just have to see when they release more info on what the plan is. It is still very early at the moment on the whole concept of 3D buildings in IF.


So it’s like airport editing team, but for the buildings?

I think that most people, including myself, saw this as a responsibility that the Airport Editing Team would pick up for creating buildings for airports. But as previously mentioned Laura had said that buildings have already been in development for a year, so I would expect that the team has already thought through and came up with a way in which they’ll be able to have buildings at most or all airports around the world.

It would be interesting to see if they might use the AI method MSFS uses with Bing Maps data, but I believe this would take a lot resources and may be outside of the realm of capabilities for Infinite Flight, at least atm.

I think that they are gonna fully recreate big airport like KLAX,KSFO,KATL,EGLL,OMDB,Etc

Other will be AI create I think.

This is a good and interesting idea, but many people doesn’t have experience using 3D softwares to create buildings.

While I think this is a great idea, I have some questions about how this could work:

1- Level of details: Will we need create different models for one building so it prevents overheating our devices when we are not close to the building?

2- Will a selected amount of people create these buildings? Not all have the same skills to make this look good. For example I can do this:

Credit: @EdCruz

But I can’t do this:


3- This is not a question, it’s how I think it may work. If we are able to create these buildings, I thing we may have preset buildings so we only need to give the “shape” of the airport.

I have many more questions and ideas of how this could work, I can’t wait to know how this will work!

I think addons will have a “minimum requirement” list to run them with good FPS. It will be the creators job to find this minimum requirement.

Anyone can if they learn how.

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I like the idea but it’s really far fetched, IF Devs would need to spend months on figuring everything out by then they can build the buildings themselves.
Even if this can happen, it’s not easy to make such stuff, I really doubt anyone will be willing to do this without a paycheck.

I think you’d be surprised to note that the Airport Editing Team is run completely off of volunteer work, so I don’t think that’d be an issue 🙂

True but creating 3D models is harder and will take more time

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see ;)

FBW A320NX mod for FS2020 is free, ZIBO 737 is free, plus countless other aircraft and sceneries.

There are many addon websites that are completely free, such as [PM ME] which has over 1000 mods.

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Zibo 737, Max team max aircraft, millions of sceneries for xp11, FBW A320neo for MSFS.

It could be possible if it included disabling airports you wouldnt fly to on that flight

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