User count has dropped

As Marc said I remember Discourse doing a cleanup at some point to remove old users. I do remember us being closer to 60k at one time.

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Sadly, @anon57683537 had to go :(
We had good times with him over the years :(

But I agree! People come and go and we have to appreciate our conversations with him because you never know when he would just disappear


Why was azure banned

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IDK he seemed like a good guy.

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We have about 100 more engaged users per day, than we did one year ago.
Engaged users mean a users that has liked, or posted something.

That’s what somehow matters in my eyes at least. Wouldn’t you agree? :)


Pls don’t flame me for this but who is azure?


I account for ≈ 1/100 of that. 🙃

Oh, and yes, it means something to me too.


He was banned for some reason.

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I count for ≈ 1/100 of that too, excuse my absence 😅

Well you can blame the staff tbh cause their ones who control the platform. They have this toxic culture so that’s why people are leaving. Also they don’t wanna admit that they need to change their way or improvements too how they run the community. One last thing is that they cant handle criticism at all! Honestly its time they’d had a wake up call!


Not sure what the average age bracket of the IF user is
but many in the transition years (high school to college and others factors in that time frame may show some to move on or away from IF do to other interests.
This may also be temporary and they will return later.

I’ve often wondered about the user base demographics. The older users may have more stability for lack of a better term and once committed less prone to come and go ???

not sure?

I am a 64 year old American Foridian
so I think I’m one of the dinosaurs here.
But no need to drop the sim or activity here
for any reason.

I agree with one 100%!

As members come and go, they may have to adhere to changes they may not like, and they may not like what has happened, or what they may have done that is against the ever-changing Terms of Service and the Forum Guide

Suspensions and making accounts anonymous will never be handed out randomly. Users may break the guidelines, they may request themselves for their account to be terminated, and they may do other miscellaneous things against the Suspension table that would lead to a suspension. There is always a reason. Moderators are trusted with this reason, and are always monitored alongside being welcome to general feedback from the community.

If you feel you are being pressured to leave, have an issue on the forum with another user or group, or want to have a mature conversation about a change or feedback you think would be ideal for the community, then please do contact @moderators, it will not go unnoticed. They are here to help you as best as they can, to keep you happy, contributing, and safe.


Lol im just a 14 year old American Aussie

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cool nice to meet you “son” 🙂🙂🙂

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I do understand your frustration, everyone has rights to have an opinion, but if you say the staff have toxic culture, you don’t belong here either :)


The answer to this topic has been given. We didn’t suspend and ban 30‘000 users. A while back, Discourse deleted some spam accounts. Also, inactive accounts are being deleted automatically by Discourse after a certain period of time. That’s why we’ve seen such a large drop in users 😊