User Card Background & Profile Background

I’ve figured out what Profile Backgrounds are (I think), but still don’t know what User Card Backgrounds are. What are they? I’ve tried putting pictures in them, and can only find where one shows up, and it’s zoomed in and looks aweful. What’s the secret to these? I’ve seen people with amazing ones, how to they do it?

When you click the name from a comment, it will show the user card background.

What’s the profile background then?

When you’re actually on their profile.

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Can you give a picture of each? Anyway, mine are always really zoomed in, how do I get a normal looking one?

User card is the white area, behind your picture.

Profile Background is this one:


Oh ok. I guess mine does show up.

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User cards don’t show up on mobile

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You sure?

It shows up on mobile if you’re Discourse in “Desktop View”. If you’re on mobile, and want to go to “Desktop View”, press the hamburger menu. At the bottom there is a button that says “Desktop View” - click it.

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