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When playing IF, which I play daily, every time I play I note it gives me a yellow triangle in the top right corner. The triangle says “user verification issue” I am wondering what it is as I get it daily
Here are some photos.
(Ignore the beautiful 777 I was controlling when I took the shots)

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Do you have IF downloaded on another device?

Yes but it’s not connected to my live account

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Oh ok, I have this issue also sometimes. 99.99% of the time nothing will happen. It will also usually disappear after while.

Have you tried making your device forget that account, and then try reconecting it?

Nothing drastic happens, I just don’t red flags do be thrown up by the mods or something. Lol I’m paranoid

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Don’t worry at all nothing will happen 😊. Not really a red flag more of an annoyance then anything else.


It doesn’t really do anything to you/your account. It usually will go away in a few minutes

Hello there!
Usually the account authentication warning is nothing to worry about, unless it stays there for several sessions. :)


Okay it normally comes and goes. I just signed out of my out-dated ipad that lags on clash Royale and will only use my iPhone. I never knew I was logged in on the ipad.

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You can close the post, I have a solution 😊

In that case, it’s nothing to worry about at all :) will do!

Have a good day!