"User Account" Verification Error

It’s been showing the yellow caution sign since yesterday. What does it mean for it to show the yellow caution mark and how to make it green again?


A screenshot would help understand better. Thanks :D

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How is your internet connection? You can try switching WiFi off and on and see if it reconnects. If you are on cellular service try switching airplane mode off and on. It may take a bit to reconnect though.

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Also, the ‘yellow caution sign’ can be caused for various reasons. You can check what exactly is wrong by clicking on the sign in the top right hand side corner and troubleshoot it yourself. This is pretty much what I do when I have a problem, actually.

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Did you ever open up the sim on an another device with your account signed in?

It’s back to a green checkmark finally, I guess it’s something that comes and goes. Hope it didn’t effect my XP or anything. You can close this topic. Thanks for the help everyone