Useless report on my comment

I recently posted a comment on a thread, saying how the people of IFW were very immature etc. A couple minutes ago I got a message saying that it was reported for being “offensive”. I see no way it was offensive, nor did most of the people in the thread. Now, if the people of IFW saw the comment and it hurt their fewwings, sorry for putting out your secret.

What did it say?

Are you talking about the female members or what?

These are screenshots from it

No. Infinite fly wings. It was a group I was in and the people were just horrible.

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This is not appropriate for the forum. You can reach out to @moderators to address your concerns regarding your reply and @IFVARB for the respective VO.


Ngl, it is off-topic. They wanted to know what VAs to join, not ones to not join. Listen to @Z-Tube.

Well, usless the group decided to do some censorship, it could be offensive. As others said, reach out the moderation team

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When a comment is flagged because someone feels it’s offensive, it’ll be undone if the mods or staff feel otherwise.

Mud-slinging is not looked upon kindly in a public post. If you wish to provide cautionary advice against someone it’s best to do it in a PM.

And you can always reach out to @moderators to express any concerns.


If you have a problem with a VA or VO, feel free to contact the IFVARB, but there is no need to bash them publicly on this forum. The topic in question asked for help finding an active VA, so I don’t know why you would do what you did in the first place.

Well you wrong here… For some people it can be really bad words…
Be calm, and you’ll be fine.

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Exactly. Here on the community, we strive to be positive people who bring each other up, not down. If you have a negative opinion of something, you’re entitled to your opinion, but it really doesn’t need to be said on the form.

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If you have an issue like yours with an organization the best course of action is to use the official channels to submit feedback — either to the VARB or to VO leadership — and if you feel the issues are incompatible with your continued membership, leave.

Unfounded digs at any VO will be removed. I’d call these useful reports.