Useful Aviation API -

This is a useful API I’ve found for working with aviation data (weather, etc.). It went down for a year; I was quite happy to see it working again!

Contains endpoints for:

  • Cycles
  • Airports
  • NOTAMs
  • Routing
  • Weather

Edit: this post was ages ago - see Alexei’s post below. Not sure how reliable this data is these days…


At this point, their new API isn’t available - even the website form to request an API key doesn’t actually work. Hopefully this will change soon, their new endpoints are full of really useful data. Just thought I’d mention this, in case anyone else is looking.

If anyone is interested in following them up further, keep an eye on these links: (original that Cam posted) (the home page of the group responsible for development)


Without horribly necroposting, as Alexei has pointed out that doesn’t seem to work right now, but if you just want METARs or TAFs I recommend No API key, has METARs and TAFs by ICAO, and TAFs by coordinates to.

(Also @Alexei those links don’t work now)

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Really? I clicked on the ‘docs’ link and it worked ok for me. It should show a list of end points from the new API, though I’d be very careful about using them at this point, since they don’t look 100% ready for public consumption. Still, if you try the airport end points for example, you will get valid data

I get these for the /programs link and the group website :/

oh right, I thought you were talking about the OpenAv docs site as well :) All good!

At least the API seems to be back online. Clearly the upgrade project was quite ambitious and time will still tell whether it was more demanding than what they could do

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Hmm , this actually looks very interesting at first glance. I don’t know if circumstances have changed since @Alexei tried it , but now it seems to work. Take the charts for example ( to request the links to the resources apparently )
Taking one of the hundreds of links at random it seems to work. Had to change some of the “/” in the link but it looks like they are still up.

METAR seems to work

Apart from that , I don’t see anything else that works , airspace no, star charts no… @Cameron @Alexei maybe it is coming back ? Did it not work at all when you tried it last time or was it the same ?

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Theyve been working on a new version for ages, supposedly, so some endpoints work - maybe they added some stuff since? At the moment id still consider it too volatile to be used in any production level project though, unfortunately


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