Use Zello to open Amsterdam area?

So here’s a thought about bringing some life to the Amsterdam region.

Zello is a walki-talkie app, which allows you to join interest groups via Channels.
I propse that ATC’s and Pilots who want to open the Amsterdam region join the ‘Infinite Flight Amsterdam’ Channel on Zello. This can help us communicate and synchronise our time to fly and control.

Main focus on Playground, but Advanced ATC’s welcome of course.

Note: this Zello Channel is just to agree time/dates for flying and controlling, not to actually DO the controlling.

@DS2001, I have added you, to the Zello group :)


I definitely like the idea!

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I don’t understand if the app is working, did you get my message?

Didn’t get a message, but I do see you as a member. So that part is good :-)

I have an event Amsterdam right now so

Is it live now? People on zello? If so I will join.

Just go and check.
Yes, The Channel ‘Infinite Flight Amsterdam’ does exist. You can add yourself.