Use your IFC name please

Okay whoever is controlling WSSS tower on TS and ground right now has the username IFCPC Piggy Boy 636 and I can’t find him because that username doesn’t exist on IFC.

I wanted to tell him off for asking me to “enter left base Rwy 02C” when I was still at FL410 but I can’t find him

If anybody can help me find him as well that would be great! Cheers!

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Hey! It’s training server and really some people don’t know how to control at the most professional manner as they may be getting their feet wet with atc and the functions. If you want to experience professional ATC services make your way or build your way up to the expert server if you haven’t already. Also, why were you on their frequency at FL410? Just wondering.


They contacted me on guard first… and it’s more about them having “IFC” in their username here

Some people may of had their accounts terminated or changed their username and haven’t updated their name on their account.

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Anyone can customize their username on IF. It may or may not resemble their IF community user name. As long as it is not offensive, it is fine.

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Hey there,that is IFCPC,not IFC.

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@Loogie125 I find him in a qq group and I will told him do not do that again.

OHHHH IF China. Okay thank you very much!

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Issue is solved. Flagging for closure

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