Use trim in real life

Does airline pilot use trim while flying?
I currently knew what the trim is and it’s useful.

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Yes they do. Primarily during takeoff and landing.

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I’ve just got an answer from my 22 years experience Airbus pilot: On Airbus with electric controls there’s no trim (if everything works fine). In very very bad mode there’s manual trim.


Thank you for your helpful information!
What types of airbus aircraft have you flown with?

Airbus aircraft do have trim. It’s just automatic.

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Yes it is right. But they have manual trim for backup mode

Trim is used all the time in real life, when I went in a 737 sim there were specific amounts of trim for different speeds, takeoff and landing and it was always being adjusted. In gliding, during the launch you have the trim set slightly forwards and then just adjust it so you don’t have to apply any pressure on the stick

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In an Airbus you do trim. Before take off you set a certain trim dictated by your center of gravity. After take of the fly by wire deals with it in normal operations.

It all does it itself these days 🙄

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Without trim, you’d have to be the HULK to move control surfaces.