Use reverse Thrust on the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant

I want to buy the Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack but I have two questions:

  1. Can I use a throttle in infinite flight and if so, must the joystick and throttle have a USB cable together or can both have their own cable?

  2. Can I use the Reverse Thrust on my Quadrant (file:///C:/Users/Tobias/Desktop/Reverse%20thrust.PNG)

  3. How can I set the buttons on my joystick for certain actions (the red button on my joystick for autopilot off or a button for landing lights off and on?

Thank you for your answers and best regrades,

Hi there Tobias!

@Alexis.B has the just the joystick and it works fine for him (see this reply). And yes, you’ll be able to bind buttons on your joystick to do certain actions in the simulator by connecting your joystick/throttle quadrant through LiveFlight Connect (if you’re on iOS) or a USB/OTG cable if you’re on Android. That being said, I’m not sure about the throttle quadrant and I don’t think anyone from this community (from what I can find) has tried it. If you’re ordering from Amazon, they have a really good return policy if the throttle quadrant doesn’t work with Infinite Flight, so there isn’t any harm in trying.


Please bear in mind before you buy a joystick that the third party app called LiveFlight Connect isn’t stable and may cause problems to you… It sometimes stops working which in turn may ruin your flights…

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