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I create this topic about trim. I have been using trimmers for a short time but I still have trouble using them. I always put positive with a takeoff at 5% and a landing at 12% for a 777.
is it good what I’m doing?
is close to realism?

Thank you

What is technically correct for Infinite Flight is that you should always make sure there is no pink bar on the trim square - if the pink bar is going down, it means you need more positive trim. If the pink bar is going up - you need more negative trim.


Thank you very much 🙏😊

This is my response, but apologies, as it needs editing.

There’s no doubt trim is a little bit tricky. It’s massively relevant to flying irl. So it is highly desired in IF.

But it’s difficult to mirror reality because our control device feel is different from irl, because our controller does not push back on us.

And trim is all about removing the pushing back on us, our muscles, from the changing aerodynamic pressures.

But IF does a great job with trim, in that it gives you “pushback,” in the form of your device angle having to change, according to the change in aerodynamic pressures.

But because we are free to alter the angle of our devices (without muscle pressure exertion) many of us do change the angle as a substitute for dialing in a different trim value.

So, for me personally, I dial in some trim when I feel I can’t deal with an excessively large angle I have to hold my device at to represent trim from the angle change.

But to the extent it works, I do just change the angle of my device a bit for a “de facto trim” and only adjust the trim setting when the angle gets too crazy.


I can recommend this Link
I also recommend to have a look at Tyler’s YT videos. There you can see what he uses for takeoff and landing procedures. Hope this helps.


ok thank you very much, for the landing trims when do you put them on?

It’ll vary by the type of aircraft and its weight.

I recommend testing out different trim settings and determining which would be best.

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