Use of Inactive Runways

Depending on an airport’s layout, are pilots allowed to use inactive runways as taxiways?

I would reccomended looking at the NOTAM infinite flight puts on the airport to see if the runway should be used as a taxiway. I believe London Gatwick is a prime example.



It depends on the airport, but in most cases you can use runways if there’s no other way.

Normal rules for runways apply though, any aircraft using the runway for takeoff and landing, or already on the runway, have right of way.

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At uncontrolled airports, I think you can do whatever as long as you let everyone know what you’re doing and you always watch for traffic. It’s recommended that if there are other pilots nearby, you do what they’re doing though.

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You should follow the NOTAM at any time

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Yeah I know but there’s not always a NOTAM, in real life or Infinite Flight. NOTAM (notice to airmen) is mostly if there’s anything special or different for pilots to watch for or do.

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