Use of emulators for better performance

Hi, before 20.1 my primary device for infinite flight was my iPad Air 2 but that device is no longer able to provide the performance I want from it to run infinite flight. However I have been using a joystick and throttle quadrant as my primary flight controls and so I was wondering if I could use an emulator on my mac to run infinite flight with my throttle quadrants. Below is the emulator I am interested in using.


He’s asking if he would be able to play infinite Flight on his Mac by purchasing the emulate, and he’s also wondering if his throttle quadrant would still work if he did that.

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exactly I just need to know if my throttle quadrant would work with that

Hi @Darpan, unfortunately Infinite Flight hasn’t supported emulators since 19.4, and as far as I’m aware there are currently no plans to reinstate support. This may change sometime in the future, but don’t take my word for it.

As to whether a throttle quadrant would work… Unfortunately that one is difficult to guarantee. Emulators are all different, have different requirements, compatibility and that’s before you factor in whether infinite flight itself would then recognise them. You might be able to use Liveflight connect, but again as I’ve never used it with an emulator I couldn’t guarantee its compatibility.

Hope that somewhat clears it up

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Also, not sure if you’ll get better performance with an emulator. Usually, I’ve only seen it run really badly.

An emulator allows people to use applications designed for one platform on a different platform. For example, one could use a Gameboy emulator to play Gameboy games on a computer.

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