Use of Coordinates

how to put coordinates in place of fixed ones that do not have in infinite flight?

This should be what you are looking for. Tell me if you have any problems with it.


Do you take a doubt, in the map of Brazil of the IF, missing many fixed would have like I put the coordinates (latitude and longitude) in place of the fixed?

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You can’t search for the coordinates, unlike normal fixes. This means you must input coordinates with other coordinates or fixes. I don’t think there would be many waypoints in Brazil, but I could be mistaken. If you want, dm me the waypoints and I’ll convert them into coordinates for you.

how can I convert the fixed ones that does not exist in the IF in coordinates?

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Read the thread linked to above.

You can find coordinates many places, including those mentioned there and in the several other coordinate threads, or here (just picked one at random):

We aren’t going to re-type everything in the other threads. Click and read. Search “coordinates” and read others. The information is available.