Use of ATC by pilots

It is very upsetting seeing pilots in the training and expert server who couldn’t care less about ATC instructions, minding their own businesses and not responding to the serious instructions given by serious ATC users who do their best to make this simulator as much realistic as possible.

If you are not interested in the presence of ATC during your flight, JUST go to the CASUAL server. It’s really that easy.

Sorry I had to say this. Anyone can relate?


Sorry about your bad experience. Also welcome to the community!

This likely will it happen on Expert server because they are more or less required to respond to ATC. On training server nothing can be done, you be the bigger person and follow and listen to all instructions and al should go smoothly. :)



This is very unlikely on the Expert Server since ATC instructions are suggestions, they are mandatory. On training server like @USA_ATC nothing much can be done since its training.


I was controlling today on the TS, practicing for my IFATC practical test, and I had like two people not even listen to any of my commands. Took off with out a clearance. And I was mad, but I was like I can’t do nothing. Hopefully they learn to listen to ATC. But I just had to move on.

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I understand on where your coming from BUT i have had many many cases of atc on the TS trolling me and others and they know it to. Its had to pick the Trolls from the ones that generally want to learn and that is awful for those are there for learning how to control. Im grade 4 so atc is less likely to troll me because i just ignore them and they go somewhere else. But for those that at new to IF and the TS it can be very of putting for them to learn when they have players purposely annoying them to get a reaction. As i said above sometimes its really difficult to differentiate from those that want to learn from those that want to learn (and the ones that want to learn are the ones everyone should follow instructions at all times)

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