Use iPhone/iPod as yoke when flying on a Tablet


Be able to connect a smaller mobile device to a tablet by using Bluetooth and use it as your yoke and have some controls on the phone as well. (Rudder, lights, gear, etc.).


Hi there!
I don’t see how it would really enhance the experience though…The Devs have also said that there are not any plans to enable any IF Features over Bluetooth(Local Connection)
It could work on some levels though! One to keep an eye on :smile:
(Sorry If I have misunderstood what you were trying to say! I also moved this to features!)


That is a very cool idea! :thumbsup: But I don’t think FDS would add this, like @BBJMAX said.


I link my iPhone to my Mac and use the Mac as a live screen. It’s awesome!


With wich app do you do that ?



If you have a mac you don’t need additional software. Everything you’d need is already installed ;) Open quicktime player and start a new recording. Attach your phone or ipad to the mac and select the audio and video soruceh in the play menu (at the bottom). it should be labeled with the name of your ipad ;)