Use Flaps!

when we use [Flaps] ?
For [Airbas & Boeing]

I want a degree [Flaps] and altitude, whether in the process of landing or takeoff plane

Hello! This is a great topic for general knowledge about flaps,

Other than that deploy them when you feel you need them, a little bit on takeoff and slowly increase flaps for landing.


This is a personal thing, but for takeoff I use flaps set to the first degree (or whatever the first flap setting is), and retract them once I am stabilized and in the air. To compensate, I’ll rotate at 160-170kts. For landing, I’ll usually land with flaps set to the 15th degree (or whatever the 3rd flap setting is.) Key tip, never add too much flaps at once. It’s a bad idea.

Flaps can be used for lift during takeoff and drag for landing. There is not really an altitude when to use flaps personally I use them at certain speeds. If you need any more help just let me know!

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Its also for lift in landing too

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I did not know that. Thanks for the info!

No problem, im glad i could teach someone something. Flaps are for generating lift at slower speed by increasing the wing surface area and wing tangent line.


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