I don’t know whether I should exit directly or say some requested words to ATC after contacting the ground taxi. Thank you for answering my question. Thank you!

I’m guessing you mean after exiting the runway what should you do…the answer is after passing the runway hold short line you should switch from tower to ground. When on ground request taxi to parking…which theyll respond with a taxi to parking which gives you clearnce to taxi to a parking spot…you have to remain on their frequency for give way commands and etc. Until you are secured in a parking spot


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I have already arrived at Gate, do I need to talk with ATC again? Thank you for your answering!

Thank you!

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The tower controller will instruct you to exit the runway & contact the ground frequency. Once you’ve exited the runway Pasted the hold short line, you’ll switch to ground & request “Taxi to parking”. The ground controller will then tell you to “Taxi to parking” as you continue to proceed to your gate/apron. Also they are cases when you may be given a “Give way to an aircraft” command. In this case the controller will give you or the other pilot that specific command. After that you don’t need to comunicate with the controller unless you want to cross a runway

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No problem @AirChina8464 glad I could help

I love seeing everyone talking about “passing the hold short line”. Great reminder that you haven’t exited the runway until you’re pasted the hold short line. If you haven’t pasted the hold short line you’re still on the runway. So you should pass the hold short line then contact ground because only then are off the runway.

Pass the hold short line.

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No, you can just end your flight.

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