Use ATC preferred star

When there is an ATC preferred star is it compulsory to follow it or can I follow my own star?

You can follow yours but don’t be surprised if you get vectored.



Usually they tell you to amend your flight plan to add that STAR!

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Good thing there is no ATC preferred star at my destination!

I’d like to add that controllers handpick their STARs to suit all aircraft inbound from different directions so from wherever your coming from there should be an available STAR that will suit you. It really helps us though when you have a preferred STAR as we can flow traffic more easily in the directions we want. Is it mandatory when preferred? No, but I suggest to amend by it.


Vectoring is basically non existent nowadays at least for me

The exception doesn’t make the rule

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I know I meant to say at least not for me yet. Okay well this can be closed now and/or added to the support thread thing

I cracked up😂


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