Use A220 without PRO?(invalid))

Hello, INFINITEFILGHT developers!I have a little wish.Use the A220 without using Pro to use PRO in version 21.8.If you can, please answer me.

Hey, I suggest you take a look at this recent Tweet on our social media. The A220 will not be available without a subscription to Infinite Flight Pro. This is simply because Infinite Flight is a business, and myself and the other team members simply can’t be paid to do what we do without the revenue generated from the subscriptions. While I understand this may be frustrating, it is a thin line we have to walk between offering enough that people get a taste of the app before purchasing, but not so much that they don’t want to purchase the subscription because they don’t need to. Hope this makes sense!

EDIT: You can also check out this reply of mine to see why maintaining IF is not cheap. It doesn’t cover everything we use now but it’s a good start.