USCG Search & Rescue opp

Hi guys, got a little time on my hands and thought I’d try something.Anyone interested in helping out with a little S&R opp?

I need someone to land (yes land) on the ocean somewhere between KSAN and KNUC on the playground server…

I will fly a C19 (USCG 009) out of the Coast Guard hangar at KSAN and fly a search pattern to locate you. Once I do I’ll try and land next to you at which point we can fly to the USCG hangar at KLAX (its been updated -yay!)

Can involve multiple aircraft.

Am at KSAN now

gonna practice ocean landings while I wait

gonna try and land at WIZKY

ok am at WIZKY full stop.

now for the ocean take off - seaplanes would be nice - not as though it is hard to do - (lol)

taxi speed violations - my arse! I’m in the middle of the bloody ocean

oh oh radio is dead - reporting a bug

You should do this on the three flight server to avoid violations

who knew? I sure didn’t

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