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We are happy to Welcome @CaptAC to USCG-IF Virtual as our new Media Officer!


IFC Community,

I am happy to announce, that thanks to the great team at FDS, we have ordered 10 new CRJ700’s to replace our ERJ170 fleet, conducting Search and Rescue and Reconnaissance Operations, as well as short haul personnel transport. Our first two arrived at our USCG-IF Virtual Headquarters, Elizabeth City (KECG) this morning!


Come fly these new aircraft, as well as all of our other airframes at USCG-IF Virtual.

Stay tuned for our next IFC Event, which will be announced soon.



Dear Infinite Flight Community, we would like to recruit you during a time that is great for us. Listen to some of the feedback that we received from USCG-IF pilots would like to share about some of the amazing experiences that they have had at USCG-IF.

Why join us?
Well, there are many great things about being a part of the amazing USCGIF: Conducting patrols along the coast, rescuing stranded individuals, protecting our border, but i think we should let our pilots tell you what they think of their experiences:

AR Nick, Atlantic Wing:

“USCG treating me like family since the first moment i joined, everyone from command staff to Airmen were helping learn and understand the process, and I have had nothing but good moments and fun adventures with all sorts of USCG pilots from around the world.”

RADM Lance, Command Staff: 

“I enjoy the never ending opportunities for various missions, including rescue, surveillance patrols, public relations events and most importantly, the teamwork that everyone provides to encouraging and sharing their various skill sets.”

AR Ashton, Atlantic Wing:

“From my time being in USCG-IF , I’ve had many happy and memorable experiences with the VO. They have enjoyable group flights, a money system for the purchase of planes, and lots more. The members are great and I highly recommend USCG-IF”

LCDR Adam Ruley:

“My experience with USCG-IF has been a very positive experience. Everyone is very supportive and we work together to get the job done.”

And finally a phrase from the USCG-IF Admiral Charles Fosbroke:

“It is an honor and a privilege to be able to run such an amazing group of incredible pilots and staff that go above and beyond, every day, to ensure that our country is safe and our borders are secure.”
check us out.

credit to
CamoPlayz_517 for the editing on the photos.


Come join us on our challenging event!

Cool VA. Which airplanes of the fleet got the generic livery?

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all others besides the C-130

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1 of the many pics taken from our Memorial flight over Arlington National Cemetary yesterday

In this picture we see the known “missing man” formation preformed by our USCG pilots.

Isnt this a heck of a shot?


Great picture! We sure have been seeing active growth here. We can’t ask for a better group.


Great VA, come join us and expand your aviation knowledge and enjoy flighting at its fullest potential. Learn to land in some of the worst condition confidently!!



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How long does the application process usually take

Hi. You should hear within 24 hours, I have been in meeting and will look at your application shortly :)

No need to rush, take your time! Just wanted to know an estimate. Have a good day

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The USCG Joining the GAF at their annual Red Flag Training!


The USCG and GAF during Red Flag today!
(Photo Cred to the USCG)


Just had a great escort flight with your Chief Petty Officer. image


Really professional VA!



USCG-IF providing supplies and equipment to Hawaii in response to Hurricane Lane!


Good Day IFC,

We are currently responding with Search and Rescue efforts in and around Hurricane Florance. If you have applied recently, we will be in contact shortly. If you haven’t, come join us!



I might join but I was wondering what does the coast guard plane do in real life like what is there flight plan

They don’t have a set flight plan usually. When they’re looking for something, eg. missing boat, they will circle around the area where the bot should be. So they are not flying from a point to point. However, there could be situations when they are flying using a fpl but it’s normally not during search and rescue ops