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Welcome to United States Coast Guard - Infinite Flight Virtual!

About Us

Since USCG-IF Virtual opened up on February 15, 2017, we have always strived for professionalism and realism within our ranks and with all of our missions. Whether patrolling the coast, rescuing passengers from a stranded cruise ship, conducting drug interdictions, or flying through hurricanes to rescue and evacuate people in danger, USCG-IF Virtual is always on call and ready to serve. We also have a Basic and Advanced flight academy for those that need or want to improve their flight skills. We use Discord for all of our communication, as it provides the most flexibility and customization.

Command Staff

Admiral: Charles Fosbroke
Vice Admiral: John Click

Our Ranks

Current Missions
  • United States Coastal Patrols
  • Worldwide Deployments to support United States interests
  • Evacuations of danger zones around the world
  • Intense training in rough conditions, often with no airstrip
  • Joint Training and Operations with other Infinite Flight military VAs
Our Fleet
  • Cessna 208B
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
  • ERJ 170
  • Cessna Citation X
  • B737-900
  • A330-300
  • C130J
    (Non USCG generic aircraft are on contract from our partner, Spectre Air Group)


In addition, you can get to our State-of-the-art Virtual Airlines Manager (VAM) site by clicking on Pilot Crew Portal on our website or going to:

USCG-IF Virtual VAM Site

There are a lot of Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight for you to choose from. If you are interested in Protecting our Borders and serving our Virtual Country, come join us! Go to our website and apply.

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Yes IFVARB approved since Feb 15, 2016


As I reflect on the first year of USCG-IF Virtual, I am proud of the progress and advancements that we made. Starting from nothing, we became an organization that responds to all types of disasters, has challenging training and missions, and has the professionalism you would expect out of a military organization. It was one of my greatest honors to lead USCG-IF. Due to real life commitments, I have had to step aside and pass the command to my Vice, John Click. John has been instrumental in many of USCG-IF’s initiatives and will continue to drive the organization forward, exploring new boundaries, while always maintaining the professional values that we hold so true. I encourage everyone who has any interest in the United States Coast Guard or Protecting our Borders to give USCG-IF Virtual a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Semper Paratus - ALWAYS READY!


We are pleased to announce, that after almost a month, @Charles_Fosbroke has returned as Admiral to USCG-IF Virtual. We welcome him back and look forward to the future of our organization. Stay tuned for more updates!


Are you guys in need of Rear Admirals?

Their Rear Admiral is a staff role, not necessarily something you can just walk into. I suggest joining them first and then enquiring about available roles.

Highly recommend this VO, great group of leaders.



USCG-IF Virtual Major Updates:

Over the past month, USCG-IF Virtual has been busy, completing critical rescue missions, such as the Nuclear Submarine Radiation mission on IFC, responding to an Earthquake in Washington State and responding to multiple calls for evacuation in the New England states as storm after storm aggressively hit. In addition, we have been implementing some new initiatives to increase our effectiveness, as well as add more enjoyment and diversity for our pilots.

Here are some of our big changes:

image Aircraft Change

We have cancelled our MD11 contract and signed a new contract with Spectre Air Group for the new MD11F. This aircraft is playing a critical role in one of our new initiatives, the Transport Division.


We have restructured into two Divisions, each playing a critical role in our mission success:

image Operations Division

Aircraft: C208B, Dash 8 Q400, ERJ170, Citation X and our Flagship C130J
Mission: To conduct Search and Rescue, Patrols, Drug Interdiction (Current Operations) and Planning Exercises and Events (Future Operations). This division has two wings, one on the East Coast (Florida), and one on the West Coast (California) as well as a fully-manned outpost at Kodiak, Alaska. Pilots in these wings can fly missions for both divisions for variety and mission accomplishment.

image Transport Division

Aircraft: B739, A333, MD11F
Mission: To conduct movement of personnel and cargo around the world in support of critical National and International USCG-IF Virtual missions. These missions can range from delivering troops to an international exercise in Australia to delivering 20 pallets of toilet paper to our outpost at Kodiak Air Station, Alaska.

image New Automated Transport Division Mission Request System

We have developed a new Mission Request and Assignment System (MRAS), enabling our base commanders to submit requests for personnel or equipment. The Global Transport Officer then analyzes the mission criteria, and puts mission out for pilots to volunteer to take, based on location and aircraft rating. Early feedback is extremely positive, giving pilots the option of flying a long-haul flight from Point A to Point B as opposed to patrols or shorter missions.

image Main Global Bases

Our map has been updated with the bases that we currently conduct transport missions. New routes are always being added based on mission criteria, and there is always something available for anyone to fly.

image VAM Automatic PIREP

The most exciting update we have is our biggest update to VAM to date. Through our partnership with Spectre Air Group (SAG), both groups have developed an automatic PIREP, utilizing ACARS and making PIREP filing much quicker and easier. This is a major breakthrough for us, as well as Infinite Flight!

image New Promo video

(Thanks to @Blizzard)

Now Hiring

  • Graphics Designer (Must have Photoshop, and be proficient in its use. DM application!)

  • Media Officer (photo and video)

We are a unique, challenging organization that believes in our mission! United States Coast Guard Infinite Flight Virtual! "Semper Paratus - Alway Ready!"

Interested? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Come fly with us! We are looking for active pilots to fly with us. You can join on our VAM site under the About tab…Join, as our Weebly informational site will be going away shortly. We have a lot of great updates planned for the near future.

If you are another VA that would like to do a joint event with us, reach out to us by email or DM us.

Our Media:
VAM site
Informational Website (Going away shortly)

Our Partner: Spectre Air Group Website


Transport is where its at.

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Glad to see all the new improvements, keep it up :)


Thank you @Blizzard! We appreciate your support!

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I really enjoy the various events for USCG-IF Virtual; from search and rescue missions, delivering supplies (both personnel and cargo), as well as collaboration with other pilots and virtual airlines and organizations. The various events make it fun and am looking forward to more.


Congratulations on the automation of features and the great update. This is definitely a top-notch outfit to be a part of. I strongly encourage anyone looking for a great VA with a focus on military operations to give USCG-IF a try.


Hi. We are still looking for a Graphics Designer as well as a Media Officer (photo and video). Please DM me if interested.

Hello IFC Community,

Today I am happy to announce, that just as our partner Spectre Air Group has, we have updated our VAM skin to a more professional and clean look. We have more exciting changes on the way. For a preview or to join USCG-IF Virtual, go to our website.

Also, please follow us on our:


European Hub Opened

I am pleased to announce that we have opened a deployment hub in Germany for our European pilots to conduct joint missions and group flights in their time zone. This enhances our capabilities around the world. Stay tuned for more exciting news. To join us, go to the USCG-IF Virtual website and click join us!

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Highly recommend that pilots interested in Military Aviation based in Europe join this VO. The European section has a lot of potential.

Semper Paratus!


This looks incredibly cool and I can’t wait to join! And what is slack?

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It is basically a private messaging app/software where staff members of a VA or any other workplace can communicate.

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Thank you to @Trevor_A for our new Promo video. Hope you enjoy. If you want to come fly with us, go to our Website

Come join us as we perform search and rescue missions, drug traffic interdiction, massive scale evacuations, and test the limits of our C130J. If you’d like to transport personnel and cargo, we have a Transport Division just for that.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter


Thank you! @USCG_Virtual and @Charles_Fosbroke for all the hard work at the VA. Everyone hope you like the video and dont forget to go check out our website.

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Due to the IFVARB change in staff position rules, we are now hiring again for a Media Manager. Would like video and Photoshop skills. This is considered a Staff Position. Please DM me if interested.