Usb to lightning adapter comptibility with joystick

Hey community, i have no clue if a similar topic has been made so my apologies if this is a duplicate!

My device is an ipad 2021 9th gen

If i buy a joystick/controller with a normal usb connector, and i buy a Usb-lightning adapter (similar to what samsung had) could i use the joystick for IF? Say i plug my joystick into the adapter and connect the adapter straight to my ipad, would that work or what are the alternatives? Thank you and good day!


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There are these alternatives:



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iOS don’t support this unfortunately. Otherwise it would work. So the options given in the post above are the ones you have.


I use mapconnect and it works fine for IOS. 🙄

thank you! this can be closed now! Good day!

Thank you mate! :))

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