USB/OTG cable while simultaneously charging phone

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I am keen to set up Joystick and keyboard on phone, through USB/OTG cable. However I realize that this would quickly drain battery life and I’d be unable to charge the phone at the same time.

Can I confirm what the community has done to deal with this issue? I have looked on the net, and there appear to be some solutions, namely the following:

Can anyone advise before I make a purchase?


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My phone supports wireless charging and so I use that.

On long hauls I turn my brightness to 0% and run a small cheap USB fan over it. And put it on the wireless charger. Works like a charm :).

1.Connect/use for take-off and unplug it in flight, plug right back in before landing.

2.If you have a computer connect your joystick to your computer and use Live Flight Connect

charge your phone while flying this is what I find best for me.

3.Maybe an USB/OGT spliter

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If you us an Android device unplugging the joystick in the middle of a flight will not work as it registers in the main menue settings only. .

I might as well add a question here as I am planning to do the same, it seems that there are two types of Powering+OTG connectors (from the link above): The ones that power only the phone and the ones that power the added peripherals instead (e.g. hard drives).

So my added question is: Would the later have a risk of frying the (expensive) joystick circuitry should a powering current flows back in to it whilst connected to the phone?

Sorry to hitch a ride on your question but I thought some OTG features could pose as a future problem if we bought the wrong one. Thank you all for helping! :)

Thanks. But can you use live flight connect for joystick and also use keyboard and other peripherals (which you could do if you plugged in USB into Android device)?

Thanks for the link to that splitter. It does appear as though you can charge phone while using USB on the side.

I notice that one needs to be careful between mini USB B And C connections as well.

Does your fan really cool down the phone? Must be quite a set up you have, then?

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I doubt your phone is powerful enough to fry your joystick, but don’t take my word for it. Second I would read reviews before purchasing/would invest in a better quality OTG adapter, I recommend Belkin.

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Yes, it does work.

As long as you have a computer and your joystick is hooked up it/what ever device your playing Infinite Flight is connected to the same internet network it should work fine, you don’t necessarily need too plug in your phone in your computer. Oh and you can use the key-bored/joystick to key bind your controls

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